Author Privacy Policy


Rankur (or “we”) or Rankur Inc., with registration address 350 Townsend Street #835, San Francisco, CA 94107 is a data controller of the data that we process about Authors, releasing publicly available content on the Web.  This statement addresses the information (or “data”) that allows individuals to be personally identified and that Rankur may collect via its public sources. If an individual publishes information on publicly available websites and social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. it is considered as an Author for the purposes of this statement.

Data Collection

Rankur crawls and processes publicly available information from the Internet, that is made available by the Authors. This information, as well as our analysis, is may be available to third parties according to our Services. All the data that we process about the Authors can be found with anybody who has access to the Internet. Some of this information may be identified as personal data like name or profile picture. The Authors are considered as the source of the data. They have control over their information within the social media network they are using or any other publishing platform. They also have certain rights over their data as set in this privacy statement.

Collected Information

The data we collect about authors may include author’s name, username, profile handle, a unique identifier, profile picture or any images or videos you interact with, the posted text like opinion, comments, social media posts, any interests, job title or any other information the author has published or made available publicly. This information can be enriched by Rankur’s analytical tools to infer the demographic or affiliation features of the authors.

Information usage

The legal basis for processing this information is providing our Services to our customers, which include providing software and technologies to help them understand better the perception of their brand, customers, competitors and any other information about them on the Web and act more rapidly and with better awareness. Rankur as a company sets in place measures to control that our customers use the provided data in accordance with the law and this statement, although this is the responsibility of our customers. It is prohibited to our customers to use obtained data in a way that is outside the author’s reasonable expectations. The information is retained as long as it is reasonably necessary to provide our Services. The data is deleted if there is a request by the author or if it was deleted in the original source by the author.

Information sharing

The data we process is shared with our customers and any member of our company group (subsidiaries and parent companies). During the sharing process, we ensure that there are appropriate safeguards to protect your data.

Security and legal rights

The information processed by Rankur is stored with appropriate technical, physical and administrative controls designed to protect your data using high industry standards and encryption technologies. All the information concerning EU based authors and users are stored within the European Union. Applicable data privacy law provides the following legal rights to authors: they may request access to the data that Rankur stores about them and update, rectify, delete or block it, as well as cease any further use of the author’s data. To exercise any of these rights authors may contact Rankur at In some particular cases, Rankur may not be allowed to delete historical data records for compliance or financial reporting reasons.