The advanced search gives you the flexibility to search with logical expressions, word proximity and word similarity tools. To set up an advanced search select “Topic Search (Advanced)” from the search type menu. Examples of expressions are present on the search management screen.


“Mayor of London”
Exact phrase search: This option gives you the possibility to search for an exact phrase, case insensitive.
mayor london
All of the words: AND is the operator by default so this expression searches for all words withing the textual part of the web page or conversation.
(mayor OR elections) London
Logical expressions: AND is the operator by default so this expression searches for the words London and mayor or elections. You may use phrases and all other elements in logical expressions. Pay attention to the UPPER case for the OR operator. It is mandatory.
“mayor london”~5
Word Proximity: The tilde operator ~5 indicates the maximal distance between the listed words allowed for this search.
Word Proximity: The tilde operator ~0.8 applied to a single word indicates the similarity between 0 and 1 that is allowed for this search to match social conversations or web pages.
“london mayor”~3 -airport -“Ken Livingston”
Excluded words or phrases: Place a minus sign in front of any blacklisted words or phrases.
“François Hollande” lang:fr
Language filter: Filter mentions by language. Rankur has a built-in language recognition module.

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