API Documentation

NB: This version of our API is deprecated. You can find our latest documentation here.

Getting Started

The API service is available for all ‘Agency’ accounts and above. In order to access the API service you need to obtain consumer_key and consumer_secret tokens from support@rankur.com. Our API is a RESTful service. All data is sent and received in an easy to understand XML or JSON format – it is pretty quick and easy to integrate your application with us.
Rankur is using OAuth v. 1.0 as authentication protocol for secure API authorization.

API Resources

The table below lists the basic API services available at https://secure.rankur.com/api/. The Rankur development team offers custom developed API resources, adapted to particular need. Feel free to contact support@rankur.com for a quote.

Echo Simple echo service for test purposes.
Get Saved Searches List of all available saved searches for the account.
Add New Saved Search Adds new saved search and initiates the Social Media Monitoring service.
Get Mentions Retrieves the mentions for a given saved search.