API Add New Saved Search

NB: This version of our API is deprecated. You can find our latest documentation here.

The service adds new saved search to the list of available saved searches and performs initial data gathering.

Resource URL



search_type Required. One of ‘ts’ – topic search; ‘lb’ – local business search; ‘pr’ – personal reputation search; ‘br’ – brand reputation search
topic_search Optional. When search type equals ‘ts’ then the field contains the search expression for topic search.
name Optional. The personal or business name for searches of type ‘pr’, ‘br’ and ‘lb’.
synonyms Optional. Positive or negative synonyms, monikers for searches of type ‘pr’ and ‘br’.
address_street_number Optional. Street name and number for searches of type ‘lb’.
address_city_postcode Optional. City name and postcode for searches of type ‘lb’.
excluded Optional. Excluded keywords for searches of type ‘lb’, ‘pr’ and ‘br’.
response_format Optional. Accepted values are ‘xml’ and ‘json’. Defaults to ‘xml’.

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