Application Programming Interface (API)

With our API you can receive your search results, metric results and summarized trend info as structured data and process them in your own software tool.


The API account allows you to:

  • Download search results, social media metrics and trend info to your own database or ETL tool.
  • Change the format of the results to your preference.
  • Integrate to your own application or measurement tool.
  • Join as a partner application.
  • Manage your saved searches without logging into the front end system.

Technical requirements

Our API is a RESTful service, making use of HTTP methods such as GET, PUT and POST. All data is sent and received in an easy to understand XML or JSON format – it is pretty quick and easy to integrate your application with us.
We are using OAuth v. 1.0 as authentication protocol for secure API authorisation.

Getting started

The API service is available for all accounts of type ‘Agency’ and above. Please check the API documentation for detailed information about our API resources and usage limits.