Top 3 alerts for your online reputation


In the information age, our online reputation becomes our most valuable asset. It takes years to build and seconds to ruin with all kinds of lies, distortions and rumors. Still less than 25% of businesses realize what is involved in keeping their online reputation safe and less than 3% have the available resources to invest in their online PR. What could be the solution?

Activities like media monitoring, reviews monitoring, sentiment analysis, and influence analysis are now automated and what’s more – Rankur gives businesses the possibility to stay focused on their production process and receive alerts only when there is something important to handle.

The following is a list of the most important issues that may affect your online status:


Mentions with negative sentiment

There is no “undo” action on the Web. Every opinion published stays online and is being indexed almost immediately by search engines like Google and spread on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Your reaction time on negative reviews is vital for your business.


Your name is mentioned by highly influential sources

It is time to check what is actually being said and who the author is. If the mention is negative – prepare a response immediately. The rule states that the only protection from negative opinions is the time of reaction. In case the mention is positive, prepare for the higher demand for your services.


The number of mentions of your name goes irregularly high

This is a true sign that something important is happening on the net and social media. Your name is being discussed more than it usually does at that time,which means that your attention is needed ASAP: you are one click away from protecting your online reputation with automated alerts.

Rankur is a free tool for social media monitoring and online reputation management. It is mostly used by marketing agencies, business owners, and businesses in the hospitality industry. Rankur monitors their presence on the Web and social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and more.