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Digital Marketing and Your Online Reputation

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – the shift from analogue to digital is here to stay. Aside from having rapidly crept in and unquestionably overtaken our day-to-day life, digital has likewise managed to find and seal its place amongst modern marketing’s biggest weapons and effectuate the shift to none other than – yes, you’ve guessed it […]

The new Twitter Small Business Planner app

Twitter launched a free mobile app (for both, iOS and Android) able to help small businesses better plan their marketing activities and efforts on the famous social network.  The app follows the recent redesign of  Twitter’s business website where the previous look was kept for 18 months. By using the new app, marketers have the possibility […]

Top 3 alerts for your online reputation

  In the information age, our online reputation becomes our most valuable asset. It takes years to build and seconds to ruin with all kinds of lies, distortions and rumors. Still less than 25% of businesses realize what is involved in keeping their online reputation safe and less than 3% have the available resources to […]


Review on Merkozy’s popularity on Social Media

Merkozy – the moniker that symbolizes the marriage of convenience between the German chancellor and the French president became a popular expression. Rankur – a tool for social media analytics performed a research on the term’s popularity and the expressed sentiment by Internet users. The term is already used in internet search and increased its […]

Rankur Offers Free Marketing Analysis on The Web – Technorati

Having to decide how to promote your new product? Or what are the main features that people like on your competitors’ gadgets? Having issues with your current ad campaign? There are technologies that help you answer the question and ease the finding of the solution, but now they become free! Consumers’ opinions have always been […]


How to Plan Social Media Marketing Campaign

Define Goals and Objectives   Quite often the solution of a problem is hidden in its definition, so think well before hurrying to start the action. A good strategy for social media marketing is a must for an effective, measurable social media endeavour. To plan and execute effective marketing campaign is a big challenge, especially […]

Brand Management

The brand is the identity of your company, your products, services or your business as a whole. The management of your brand includes activities like Public Relations Management, Marketing techniques, Event management, Monitoring of competitors’ activities. Recently there is one more problem to solve with the brand management and this is the puzzle of online […]