Review on Merkozy’s popularity on Social Media

Merkozy – the moniker that symbolizes the marriage of convenience between the German chancellor and the French president became a popular expression. Rankur – a tool for social media analytics performed a research on the term’s popularity and the expressed sentiment by Internet users. The term is already used in internet search and increased its fame after the deal on December 5th.

The geographic location of the users who adopted the nickname shows that it is most popular in the UK and Spain.  It was introduced back in September, 2011 and gained popularity after a publication in The Telegraph. Currently it is gaining terrain after the EU summit from December 9 but unfortunately, as we’ll see below, the overall sentiment in the publications is negative.

Geographic spread of the term

Screenshot from Rankur.com

The demographic report illustrates the profile of the adopters and it is quite definite: an adolescent man in the age group of 19 to 32 years old. The finding is probably related to the men’s psychology – the testosterone gears up the will for negative attitude and usage of monikers.

The sentiment analysis report confirms the hypothesis of negative feelings.  Sentiment analysis from text is part of artificial intelligence studies and reports the author’s positivism in an automated and unbiased way.

Concerning our research term online users are very tough when using the sobriquet. 45.3 percent of the users express their thumbs down emotions, surely induced by the worsen Euro perspectives. Further exploration can be done in a few clicks by filtering the results by language, location, period and more. The results will be shared in future posts – stay tuned to our blog for follow up!

One more interesting thing to explore is the topic cloud – it gives the summary of what is being or has been discussed, together with a quantity indication and trends.

Important phrases used in comments and articles

Important phrases used in comments and articles

That’s a short review of our research, obtained from Rankur.com. Thank you for reading our blog post.

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