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Having to decide how to promote your new product? Or what are the main features that people like on your competitors’ gadgets? Having issues with your current ad campaign? There are technologies that help you answer the question and ease the finding of the solution, but now they become free!

Consumers’ opinions have always been an important piece of information during the decision making process. Long before the Internet became so central in our lives people were asking their friends to recommend a product or service and their opinion was decisive factor. Nowadays millions of people share their opinions on social media sites or just by leaving a comment on an article or blog post. A recent survey states that 81% of the internet users have performed research on a product and 73% of the readers of online reviews confirm that the reviews had a significant influence in their purchase.

A new EU-based startup, called Rankur, combines technologies like Opinion Mining and Text Analytics into a cutting edge product that answers the questions “What other people think” and “What are other people talking about”. What is also important – their product is available for all types of businesses and marketing professionals.

By crawling millions of URLs per day and having a teacher-trained robot for text analysis their tool extracts opinions from web pages, tweets, blogs and news articles and performs deep linguistic analysis to summarize and consolidate data.

A marketing or PR professional may stay current to what is being said about a topic, find out what are the related discussions about, where do they come from, discover negative or positive text and filter opinions by language, source or trend. Understanding consumers’ preferences, attitude and behavior and being able to explore the demography behind is crucial for every marketing research.

Text Analytics

Another application of these recent technologies is the automation of the follow-up of your brand reputation. Rankur helps you discover online brand abuse, false rumors or reputation attacks on time and helps you organize your actions.

The marketing adoption of text analytics techniques surges upward. The recent appearance of Apple’s Siri, the virtual agents from Virtuoz, similar initiatives from IBM and Google are proving the tendency that Artificial Intelligence will take part of our life and should be used for analysis of the increasing volumes of information and the support of our decisions. Rankur is taking part of this trend by sharing a free technology for online opinion monitoring and analysis.

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