Brand Management

The brand is the identity of your company, your products, services or your business as a whole. The management of your brand includes activities like Public Relations Management, Marketing techniques, Event management, Monitoring of competitors’ activities.

Recently there is one more problem to solve with the brand management and this is the puzzle of online reputation and online monitoring.

Imagine a tool that lets you:

  • Discover customers’ comments and complaints
  • Measure and evaluate your online presence as well as your competitors’
  • Perform effective market researches
  • Mitigate negative content
  • Support your online communities

With such a tool you will unmistakably see the insights of online discussions and define your marketing strategy.  You will also save time and money for online researches.

This tool is called Rankur and you can start using it in a minute with our free trial program or request a free, no engagement demonstration at

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